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Website security and penetration testing by security professionals
Pentest24, while performing standard automated tests designed in a variety of user-friendly plans, utilizes the knowledge and expertise of security experts to provide a set of direct manual tests to ensure that your web-based systems and services are not vulnerable. The quality of the penetration test is directly related to the level of security and functional knowledge of the tester and the duration and percision of the test. Usually the penetration test is done by a group because one person could never possess all the information and experience in a field of knowledge, so in group testing, each team member is responsible for testing specific parts of the program and the goal is to improve our team in a way that can identify and report every detail of every application by training each individual in a particular department.
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Penetration test procedure
The major difference between penetration test methods is in the extent of knowledge and permissions given to the tester, the amount of time and percision dedicated to the test and ofcourse, the types of reports provided to the developement team. A black box test is a method in which the tester has no prior knowledge of the system and the system owners make the least cooperation with pentest team. A white box test or transparent test is a method in which the tester has complete system specifications and takes the time and effort to perform the test. There are other methods in which only part of the information is provided to the tester known as the gray box test. By doing a white-box test, the system can be tested more precise and for most cases, if the black-box test does not cover all the existing aspects, specially where safety plays the key role, it is necessary to perform a whitebox test. uses cookies to provide you with the best possible service and to improve our website. By clicking 'Yes' you approve of this and we will be able to personalize your session, do relevant advertising and send you emails. By clicking 'No' we will only place cookies for analytical purposes. Read more about cookies and your privacy on our website privacy and cookies statement.

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